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Six of The Best Places for Wedding Photos Near Roanoke Virginia

Roanoke Virginia — The Roanoke Valley is full of many places to get great photos of you with great backgrounds. Utilize the area for your wedding photos, engagement shoots, family photos or a self portfolio. So much to see and very eye appealing too!

#6 Mabry Mill – 60 miles Southwest of Roanoke, Virginia

Mabry Mill is a beautiful historic landmark located along the Blue Ridge Parkway at mile marker 176.  While the mill is a great location for photographs any time of year, the fall is absolutely breathtaking with the vivid colors of the fall foliage.  A perfect backdrop for your wedding photos.

#5 The Blue Ridge Parkway – Accessible by the Blue Ridge Parkway exit along Route 220 in Roanoke, Virginia

There are plenty of great photo locations along the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Some are very well known, but we’re still keeping some of the best places for wedding photos a secret for our clients!  The spring and fall  are great times to capture the mountain peaks, old cabins, rustic fences, flowering bushes, fall foliage and many more exciting landscapes for your photographs.

#4 The Cascades Falls – 60 miles West of Roanoke, Virginia

Get your exercise with a two mile walk to the large falls while stopping for some splendid engagement photos along the way.  This location is just packed full of great backgrounds for beautiful pictures.

#2 The Roanoke Star – 4 miles from downtown Roanoke, Virgina atop Mill Mountain

Take your wedding photos or engagement photos under the neon lights of the Mill Mountain star, overlooking Roanoke Virginia, or among some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the area.

#1 Natural Bridge - 40 miles North of Roanoke, Virginia

Natural Bridge is a fantastic historic location with beautiful backdrops for your photos. There is also a short walk with many places to get great shots with a small waterfall at the end of the trail.

The best part of all of these locations is we know just where to go to get the best wedding and engagement photos for you!  Give us a call and book us today!

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